Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Marshall Speed Read - Whaou! - Fascinating - One to watch! - ***** - Video

I came across this one while researching the eye training topic.

While this concerns speed reading the concept is excellent and makes total sense. Can be applied to a variety of topics, skills and situations.

A few key ideas to remember!

Warning - A bit conceptual in the beginning.

Now the technique itself is excellent.

It really feels that this man is actually reading with his hand.

What about looking at a book's cover and instantly feeling what the content is about?

What about writing the title in this center of the page and adding around that title the ideas that you believe match what is said in the book?

Maybe your intuitive faculties are even more powerful and tuning in without reading tells you everything you need to know about that specific book.


Have you ever bought a book and simply put it on the floor next to your bed and never read it.

After a month you realize you no longer "need" to read it.

It's almost as if you already integrated the content of the book without even opening it.

Reminds me a bit of Trinity in "The matrix" when she learns how to fly an helicopter through digital input without touching a manual and with absolutely no effort.

We might have abilities we don't even know we have, and the example in this video is stunning!

Really good.

It opens a whole new world of possibilities, right? :)

We are now quite off topic (Eye training) but we'll come back to it...


One more thing on the speed reading topic:

This video shows that speed reading is not actually what people (including myself) often think it is:

Speed reading is not about reading words faster (although it might be with some other techniques or approaches) it is about grabbing concepts, key ideas and emotions out of the book you have in your hands.

In my experience, the actual eye perception is only a fraction of what is going on.

You tune into an object and this object tells you a whole story and wakes up a whole set of emotions.

A book is connected with the spirit or force that stimulated its creation. By tuning into a book, you actually tune into the spirit behind this creation.

This is why someone will come up with such a vast amount of intuitive information.