Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A simple technique to measure your progress

There are two ways to measure your progress;

The first one is a real measure of the quality of your view.

The simplest way is to write a text on a page with characters of 1 to 2 centimeters big.

You stick that page on a wall.

You put some marks on the ground at regular distances, for instance every 50 centimeters.

You can as well use natural maks on the floor like a pattern on the carpet, tiles on the kitchen floor, etc.

Now you try to read the text from a specific mark.

If you get used to the text, write another one.


This is probably the simplest most effective way to measure how you are doing.

It is like stepping on a scale which gives you an approximate measure of the quality of your vision.

The second strategy is purely intuitive. You simply try to focus on objects and writings in the distance and estimate if you can see them or not.

This is more of an intuitive feeling. It's less precsise and you might interpret your results subjectively in a postive or negative way.

works great though as a genenral idea or impression of your vision's quality