Friday, August 3, 2007

The final answer to being healthy and in good shape - ARTICLE

Actually, it's not true!

It's not the full final answer! It's only 50% of it:

What you eat!

People who are not in good shape can blame at least 50% of it to negative eating patterns.

When I say negative, I mean actually self destructive!

You simply eat what's bad for you and too much of it!

That's it!

There is only one way to solve this:

Deal with food craving and misleading marketing brain washing.

The marketing thing is relatively easy to tackle.

You educate yourself and realize that because they say it's good for you does not actually mean it is!

Labels like "Full of fibers", "Rich in calcium" or "Loaded with vitamins" mean absolutely nothing!

Plenty of brands who market their products using this type of marketing sell products which are actually bad for you!

You gain some basic knowledge on nutrition and you'll easily tackle that challenge.

What is left: food cravings and overeating.

This one is harder to deal with because it is emotional and instinctual.

A mental decision is not enough!

You need a solid strategy!

This is what we will check in a coming post very soon!

To your body power!


PS: what's the other 50% of the solution? How and how much you move your body + mind fitness! More on this soon!