Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to shift an eating pattern - EMOTIONAL EATING - ARTICLE

There are 2 key elements to remember:
  • No suppression!
  • 1-3 months target!
You want to be easy on yourself and take one step at a time.

You don't need to suppress, limit calorie intake or any of the stuff.

All you have to do is make a simple shift you are excited about for a week until it becomes part of you.

There are at least 20+ easy simple shifts you can make to your diet which will make you feel great.

Just pick one and start applying it.

The following week, you pick another one and start applying it without forgetting about the habit from the previous week.

Now, this takes a little focus.

Not too much, but at least some, yes!

The real shift you make is in your body and system. You get used to a new simple eating pattern and this requires focus and energy.

When you shift a simple eating pattern (like eating more fruit), your body, energy and mind readapt to this new pattern.

This change process impacts your being on many levels and it does have an impact.

This is why you are not looking for instant gratification or an instant diet revolution.

You rather want to take small affordable steps, make them part of you, integrate them on all levels until you feel complete and satisfied with what you eat.

The problem with the usual diet approaches is that they are based on suppression.

They don't listen to your body's or emotional needs.

They ask you to block an emotional pattern simply using your will power. This is why they fail in probably 80% of the cases.

You need to partner with your emotions, understand how they work, listen to your needs and give your body and mind exactly what it needs.

You do that respectfully and partner with your emotions rather than locking them in.

Your emotions are powerful!

They are an integral part of your being and you need to listen to them.

They are a force you can positively use in your being which will sponsor you in taking exciting steps.

Don't create an inner war by trying to lock your emotions in a prison.

Instead, realize that you are free and that the steps you take are the result of a synchronized decision coming from all aspects of your being.

To your vitality!