Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Strategies to tackle lower back pain - BACK PAIN -ARTICLE

In a previous audio, I covered the issue of lower back power:

In this post, I want to dive deeper into this topic and give you extra strategies to tackle lower back pain.
  • Sit on a Swiss ball instead of a chair - "Active seating"

Chairs offer often little support for that area. Sitting on a Swiss ball forces you to actively seat straight.

With sitting, the challenge is that most chairs don't give you back support. So the key is either to sit differently, offering your back some support or find a posture or strategy which forces you to sit straight (this last one is my favorite).

If you sit in a lotus postion for instance, you will naturally tend to sit straight.

The Swiss ball forces you to engage your abdominal and back muscles to maintain balance. You can't maintain balance unless your back is straight and active.

It's a playful way fo sitting too!

  • Go back to the gym and do lower back power training sessions to strengthen your muscles in that area.

It takes one to three months to rebuild a good muscle structure in that area. ideally do at least 3 sets/week of 15 min each on that area combined with other training. Stay focused! It takes cosnsistency to build up power in that area.

  • Shift from jogging to bike, rowing or cross training.

Jogging does put extra pressure on the joints (back, knees, ankles). Shift your training habits and give your back a break.

  • Diet shift? - More calcium?

This one is a question mark. I need to research further this to find a final answer. Can back pain be related with calcium deficiency? (or any other nutrient deficiency?)

  • Hatha Yoga! - Pilates!

Practicing hatha yoga or pilates will give your posture a fresh boost and strengthen your muscles, release tensions, etc. Highly recommended! This is a long term solution that really works.

More side strategies include

  • Lowering stress levels. Back pain is linked with physical and emotional tension
  • Drive less! Hours in the car definitely put a strain on your back!
  • Soften your training approach - Heavy power training sessions can put too much strain on your back. Take it easy and use lighter weight approaches.

The final key is to make effective changes in your life style so that your back pain does not become a recuurring problem. So many people end up fighting similar issues without making appropriate changes.

Don't fall into that category!

Identify what works best for you and shift key behaviors accordingly or add a new strategy which eradicates the problem forever!

This is a major issue in society! More on this coming soon :)