Friday, January 4, 2008

Life force! Energy! Vitality! - Why there isn't more knowledge on this topic right now - ENERGY - TIP

Life force is the essence or the energy that sustains your body.

When we talk about life force, we talk about the etheric body, the energy body and the meridians (or nadis) that channel this energy.

A lot is known about your energy body but this knowledge is not common.

One of the greatest sources of knowledge at this stage comes from the esoteric field and the Chinese medicine field (acupuncture).

Many people work consciously with energy especially in martial arts, chi gong, hatha yoga, etc.

At the same time, only a fraction is know about the detailed anatomy of the energy body.

If we check the amount of knowledge and research available on physical anatomy and biochemistry for instance, the knowledge and research concerning the energy body is only a fraction of that.

Why is that? Because at this stage, we miss the tools to explore the energy body in detail.

To explore the physical body, we use the eye, microscope and other existing tools.

Now, when it comes to exploring the energy body, we rely on more subtle intuitive or energy senses.

The practical approaches like martial arts and yoga are super effective so far in harmonizing the energy body.

There is more of course to it though!

To your life force!