Saturday, May 3, 2008

Emotional eating - The top nutrition challenge in today's society - ARTICLE

Yes! It is that simple!

The number one health and nutrition challenge people face is emotional eating.

In other terms, when people eat unhealthy, thy don't chose the foods and nutrition habits which are good for them, it is their emotional conditioning which does take over and directs the eating game.

Cookie snacks, fast food, junk of all types, sweets, ice creams, etc.

All these bad choices are related with one thing only: the overpowering of the action by an self destructive emotional drive.

In some cases, this emotional drive is relatively soft and the consequences ofr the body are not too strong.

In other situations, this emotional eating pattern is so bad that a person can enter a self destructive eating pattern which will destroy their life.

The negative health consequences can be so bad that a person dies as a consequnce of these negative eating patterns.

What is the conclusion?

Food is an addiction for many people.

In these cases reason and will power are often overpowered by this emotional drive which does take over.

In other terms, the final solution for solving self destructive eating patterns is about tackling this single behavior: emotional eating.

Today's eating or health crisis can be summarized to this simple challenge.

Solving it would get rid of 90% of the health problems related with bad eating patterns.