Saturday, May 3, 2008

Negative sponsoring forces - ARTICLE

In many cases, triggers for emotional eating are external.

In other terms there is an external trigger or sponsoring force encouraging a negative eating pattern.

It can come from friends or family members who suffer from the same negative eating patterns and don't want you to succeed.

Or it can be the marketing hype surrounding junk food.

In the case of friends and family members, you can observe competitive patterns between you and the other person.

In a way, they feel you compete with them when you try to eat healthier.

The goal of competition is to win, right? They simply don't want you to win.

On top of that, seeing you eat healthy challenges them because it forces the,m to look at their own habits.

It's hard to keep in denial when they see the positive impact that healthy eating patterns have on you.

Got that?

It is because of this competitive attitudes that people will encourage negative eating patterns in others.

It is as well related with the desire to share and connect, even if it is within a self destructive circle.

This works in the same way as drinking and smoking.

It is a social thing.

With food corporations stimulating consumption of junk food, the interest is profit.

The agenda is very similar though!

Someone benefits from someone else eating junk food.

So, when confronted with positive food choices, a person will often select junk food instead of healthy food because of the ongoing marketing brain washing which is now totally subconsciously embeded in people's minds.

All these positive images associated with junk food are now paying off and to experience fun, joy or pleasure, someone will be mislead and head for the junk food section.

The truth is that the pleasure that someone experiences when eating healthy is from a totally different octave!

The pleasure you get when eating raw food is so intense and delightful and totally overpowers the emotions associated with junk food.