Monday, August 4, 2008

Biofield, etheric body and meridians

The biofield is known for many thousands of years.

Many people are aware of its existence but what is missing right now is a knowledge about that field which is simply basic to anyone.

The biofield is the the same as the etheric body.

If you never heard of any of these, you can see the biofield as the electro magnetic vibration of your body.

Defining the biofield that way is already immensely reducing what it is because at this stage we have only glimpses of understanding of what it really is.

You can call it aura as well.

It permeates every single one of your cells and radiates out of your body as well .

The meridians observed and used in chinese medicine are a small fraction of this biofield.

When we talk about Qi, prana, kundalini, shakti power we talk about the energy that activates this biofield.

These various words describe the same life force that sustains our lives.

The connection between this life force and our bodies happens through our biofield or etheric body.