Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bliss can be felt through your biofield

For those of you who ever experienced bliss, how would you describe it?

Imagine this moment of intense joy and emotional release during which fears, doubts and negative emotions seem totally gone!

The feelings you have at that moment are:
  • Streaming energy
  • Open space
  • Removal of emotional blockages
  • Etc.
All these descriptions refer to an energy state.

Energy = Biofield

When you feel bliss, energy disturbances and blockages in your biofield are removed.

The energy streams better, stronger, more freely through your biofield.

This bliss experience can be spontaneous or the result of an interaction with a specific very energizing environment like a place on a beach, a mountain top or a beautiful forest.

Bliss can be triggered as well through a spiritual or energy practice, sex, an uplifing life experience, a great achievement, etc.

The key is to realize that bliss is for a large part, something that happens in your biofield .

What about other emotional states like happiness, intense joy, sadness, pleasure and many more?

Are they a biofiled experience?

Of course they are!

Any experience can be described from various angles.

You can look at these experiences from the biochemical perspective within the physical body.

You can describe these emotions from the mind side.

You can see them as mystical realizations.

Now, you just added a new way of looking at them!

You see them as movements of energy within your biofield.

Every life model we make is always an approximation of reality.

Looking at life from the biofield side is simply a new way of looking at what happens in and around you.