Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Feelings invoke the idea of touch, right?

Feelings = Impressions

Impression contains the word pressure.

It is like a blueprint you can analyze or observe.

When you feel, you sense.

Now, feelings are not related with physical senses, right?

They are something more subtle and touch the mind.

A way to look at feelings is to imagine that your biofield is being impacted by an energy.

For instance, if you are in someone else's presence, you will have a few feelings.

These feelings are the result of an interaction between your two biofields.

Now, you no longer look at your biofield as an isolted energy reality.

You realize as well that your biofield actively interacts with your environment.

There are exchanges of energy between biofields.

When something new impacts on your biofiled, you get an impression or feeling.

This feeling is an interpretation of a certain energy through the filter of your biofield and mind.

So feelings can be seen as an inner sense of touch.

This sense is subtle and perceives invisible impacts of energies on your biofield.