Monday, August 4, 2008

Practical approach and theory

Right now, I am simply putting in a place a few concepts, fresh perspectives and theories about your biofield.

In practice, you are probably already harmonizing your biofield without being aware of it.

You might jump into a fresh lake in the middle of the summer and feel totally refreshed both physically and mentally as well.


Because the water has a refreshing effect not only on your physical body but on your biofield as well.

Here is another example:

Why do you prefer eating some fresh salad rather than a heavy cooked meal?

Because the fresh salad still contains all the energy content of living food.

The heavy cooked meal is still physical matter but the intense energy content of the raw ingredients has been removed.

Here is another one:

Why do you scream when you are angry at someone?

Because sound has the power to remove emotional blockages.

When someone makes you angry, they create an energy blockage in your biofield.

To fight back and free yourself, you formulate an idea and express it loudly.

You use the power of sound as a freeing impact on yourself and on someone else.

These are only some isolated examples of how you influence your biofield every day.

You use instictual techniques all the time to stay in a clear space.