Monday, August 4, 2008

A very complex invisible anatomy

Saying that the biofield is simply a field of electro magnetic vibration is as simplistic as saying that the body is simply matter.

Imagine the complexity of the physical body.

Well, your biofield is probably as complex or more than your physical body.

It's not just a unified vibration because every cell, every organ, every process in your body has its own electro magnetic blueprint.

On top of that, electricity and magnetism are two forces we can relate to because we have been aware of their existence for some time now.

Now, these two forces are probably not the only ones at play.

Maybe we have as well many more wave types and forces generating a very complex picture!

If we could see it...

That's the limitation right now:

We have a very limited set of tools to measure exactly what is going on in this invisible realm.

Our physical senses like sight, touch or earing give close to no information at all.

Kirlian photography can give us some insights.

Mediums who claim to see auras can as well share some information.

But because, most people don't access that type of vision, they can of course discredit all that.