Monday, August 4, 2008

What is missing

What is missing is quite simple:

Tools to measure and describe your biofield.

At this stage, you have your feelings and inner beliefs.

You have some inner experiences.

You have theories of consciousness.

You have chinese medicine.

But all these pieces of information are only tiny fragments of what really exists.

For instance the reason we know about radio waves is because we designed tools to measure and interpret them.

200 years ago, for the common person radio waves did not exist.

It would be a mistake to believe that our science has covered everything that can be measured in our planet and bodies.

Of course!

We are probably bombarded by a complex mix of solar radiations every day.

Do we ever see all that or hear about it?

The only reason you are aware of it is because the sun screen you use reminds you that you need some form of UV filter to protect your skin.

That's about it.

If we could actually see a landscape with electro magnetic perception for instance, we would probably see a super complex play of forces and waves between trees, leaves, people walking through the forest, etc.

I am sure we would be amazed. This would be beautiful.

If we could have an electromagnetic scan of our body, we would see as well a very complex play of forces, waves of energy moving with our thoughts, emotions or intentions.

Again, the only thing that is missing right now is the tool to see all that.