Monday, August 4, 2008

Why there is more than meridians

The meridians are for the biofiled what the veins or nervous system are for the physical body.

They are a small part of your invisible anatomy.

With acunpuncture, the goal is to make sure that these meridians stream harmoniously.

Blockages or disturbances create sickness.

So, if you see an accupuncturist and complain about a headache, they will activate certain pressure points so that a specific meridian streams better.

The goal of shiatsu massage is similar, right?

Except, you use thumbs instead of needles.

With shiatsu, you have less precision but the goal is the same.

If you go and get a reflexology massage, the pressure points in your feet will be activated so that your energy streams better.

Same with an ear massage.

In other terms, if you are into these alternative approaches or see a therapist or alternative medicine practicioner, you already use a part of the knowledge of the biofield.

This is only a tiny little fraction of what is availble though.

Once you tap into the full knowledge, you probably have the tools to be and stay totally healthy.