Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weight loss - Combine nutrition + exercise strategies! - TIP


This one is essential if you want to break through!

For weight loss to take place, you usually need to shift both, nutrition patterns + exercise patterns.

In other terms, you need to train more + eat healthier

Doing just one of these usually is not enough to see visible results on your scale.

In other terms, you need to train, burn calories or move your body in whatever way you want + eat less and healthier.

If you are applying some fresh nutrition strategies and see little weight loss results, your body IS enjoying the healthier food and this food is impacting POSITIVELY on your body... But you simply see no visible or measurable result yet.

That's the first essential fact to understand!

On the other hand if you are training hard for 3 months and see no weight loss result, it usually means that you still did not make the appropriate nutrition shifts.

You train harder, burn more calories, might eat bigger meals because you are simply hungrier when you come back from the gym.

The solution: shift a couple of essential nutrition patterns... You have a dozen key strategies you can choose from.


To see results you need to tackle both sides:


If you work on only one of these, you will usually see little visible results on your weight loss targets