Thursday, March 26, 2009

7 steps to total wellness

Energizing and healthy food and liquids

This one is the obvious and yet forgotten so often.

Your health is priority number one.

Having healthy meals, drinking enough, no junk food, etc, are all habits which should come on top of your priorities.

No need to be fanatic about it or overdoing it

Having a healthy life style is a choice.

It is the result of trained habit patterns and conscious decisions and awareness.


At least a couple of hours a week.

Take frequent breaks.

Move your body whenever you can.

Choose for bicycle rather than car.

Contact with nature

That's where we come from.

Part of our mind patterns are purely instinctual.

Nature contains a part of the our "inner plan".

By going in nature we reconnect to what is beyond civilization.

This life force in us is an essential part of our being.

Human health is the expression of a harmonized inner life flow. Nature expresses this harmonized life flow all the time: trees, animals, forest, nature.

By being in nature, we fine tune our bodies and connect them with natural harmony.


This is again the need of nature.

Working extreme long hours or draining your resources leads to faster decay.

Rest is part of the natural cycle or rhythm of nature.

Failing to respect that rhythm goes against a natural law.


No need to pay the price.

Valuable and exciting goals and activities

Energizing the mind. Boredom kills you.

It disconnects you from life.

Excitement wakes up life force and energizes your being.

Focus on what thrills you.

Look for what truly excites you.

You'll feel a boost of energy and the sudden realization that you are in tune with your spirit.

Something apparently responds...

Emotional freedom

Worries, fears and doubts are a drain on your system.

Negative past experiences have the same effect.

Your emotions can be this pure powerful channel of energy.

Frictionless, synchronized.

Become superconductive and focus on action, risk and initiative.

Be a stress free zone

Protect your personal space by having clear boundaries.

You are the most important person in your life.

If you can't function anymore, who benefits from it?

Being stress free means again having a harmonious flow of energy in your system.

When there is simply too much, the flow becomes turbulent and chaotic.

This drains your system because of excessive energy, lack of fluidity, too many inner frictions, too many sources of external control and will power.