Friday, June 12, 2009

Weight loss - Visible weight loss is only one of the indications that a set of nutrition patterns is right for you - TIP

Here is what can happen...

You make some essential changes to your diet, ad fruit and vegetables, cut on fat and red meat, cook smaller meals and eat now healthy snacks between meals.

Imagine that your main target is weight loss.

You might take all these steps and see little change in your weight.


Because the changes you made are impacting on your health and energy level but not on your weight yet.

Visible weight loss is only one of the indications that a set of nutrition patterns is working for you.

The other indications are greater health + greater energy level.

The more subtle impacts are as well, more joy and happiness, less irritability, more personal power and confidence, etc...

The health and energy impacts are more subtle and tricky to measure.

You don't have a scale at home that measures your level of energy for instance.

The health benefits can be measured but are really long term.

After eating healthy for a year, you might realize that you haven't been sick in quite a while which means that your immune system was boosted by healthier eating habits.

So... If you shifted a couple of habits and still see no visible results, it does not mean that it's not working, it means that the results are more sublte and tricky to measure, that's all.

Believe me! Your instinct knows exactly what is healthy and what is not.

If you made key shifts to your diet and don't see direct weight loss, here is what you could be thinking:

"See!!!?? It does not work... Now give me back my potato chips + my pint of ice cream!"


Don't use the lack of visible measurable results as an excuse to head back to the junk food section at your local supermarket ;)

Got that?