Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1 new strategy/week - TIP - WEIGHT LOSS

You don't have to radically change your diet in a day or a week!

You can give yourself much more time.

Think of a 3 months target instead.

Every week, you identify one core nutrition pattern you want to change.

What is the EASIEST nutrition habit you could change right now that will bring you one step closer to your target?

What is it?

You might have a few ideas... Write them down.

Now, look at this list for a minute and chose the one you feel the most attracted to.

Next step, implement this new habit for a week and during that week change nothing else.

Your goal is that within a week, you feel comfortable enough with this new pattern and don't feel like you are forcing yourself.

The following week, do the same:

Select a new habit you want to change.

While maintaining the healthy habit of the previous week, implement this new one as well.

If you do that each week for 3 months, you will have changed 12 or more core nutrition habits in your life!

Can you imagine the impact?

Don't rush!

Take your time to really ground these new habits in your life.

To your power!