Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aim for 100% raw within a year, not a month! - ARTICLE

This is to follow up on a previous article.

The goal is to reach 95-100% raw within a year, not a month!

After 3 months, you might be 60% raw.

After 6 months, you might be 75% raw.

After 9 month, you could reach 90%.

...And hit your target of 95-100% raw after 12 months.

Remember that when you shift a nutrition pattern, you challenge many aspects of your being.

You shift memory associations and your whole neuronet is being reshaped around new habits.

This takes time and energy to build!

Every time you prepare again a fresh delicious salad, your subcsoncious mind picks it up and you generate a chain reaction of biochemicals in your brain and body.

These biochemicals will impact in the way you think and feel about food.

This rearranging of your emotional reactions is a core transformation process and it does take some time for your new "raw brain" to be fully grounded.

Now, if you check your biofiled, the same type of deep transformation process takes place.

These core changes impact on every cell and organ of your body.

Imagine how much time it actually takes to fully regenerate EVERYTHING in your body.

It doesn't happen overnight.

Even if sometimes, you feel that not much is happening, your whole being is STILL processing the change.

Imagine that you have been eating cooked heavy meals for 40 years.

Think about the accumulated memories, discussions with friends and family + transfer of this food into the core of every cell in your body.

Physically, you are made of what you have been eating.

When you start feeding your body differently, each cell and organ will have to readapt to this new pattern.

Makes sense, right?

Remember this core idea: shift to raw in a very progressive way! No need to be radical!

Give your body, biofield and mind time to adapt!

To your raw power!