Friday, July 17, 2009


Whole flour is an ingredient I use now all the time.

I ad it to my salds and mixed with the salad dressing, it creates a delicious meal.

I don't eat the flour dry, ok?

It is always either mixed with some fresh orange juice, water or added to my smoothies.

If you simply take the flour and ad water as if you were preparing bread, it creates the same ingredients as bread.

Because the flour is not cooked it maintains a much higher nutritious value than if it was turned to bread.

I often ad some apple vinegar + olive oil + sald to my preparations.

This idea of raw flower is used by Tibetans for instance.

You will eat tsampa which is simply flower.

You mix it with water, salt, very dry grated cheese and you simply eat it like that.

The first time I went to Tibet and tested this recipe, I remember this boost of energy when trekking through the mountains.

It is at that stage that I realized this was a key nutrition approach I wanted to tap more into.

When you prepare budwig cream, you do the same except you grind the cereals yourself every morning.

This is to make sure that the flour is pure and not oxidized.

In Dr Kousmine's view (she invented this recipe) the flour will lose its nutritious value when left for a few hours or days.

At this stage, I don't go to extremes because while travelling grinding my own flour every day is simply very difficult to do.

So, I follow a midlle path with that.

I do use whole raw flour but it is already grinded when I buy it.

It seems to work for me, so I believe that a huge fraction of the nutritiuous value is still there.

Tibetans for instance use flour which has been grinded days or months before.

It is a sensitive topic, especially for those who are fanatical about Dr Kousmine's recipe, so I won't argue here about how "extreme" you need to be with the flour oxydation idea.

I would need clearer and solid facts to make a final choice.

As far as I can see in my own body + the energy response I feel the strategies I apply now seems to work really well.

To your vitality!