Friday, July 17, 2009

How to stay raw when eating out - RAW FOOD

Of course that's a challenge!

Most of the menus offer a very limited range of raw options.

The good news is that these options are ALWAYS there.

They are called SALADS!

When travelling, it is VERY rare not to have access to a salad in some menu.

The key is to be less fanatical and go for what is there.

Call it an emergency solution and even if the ingredients and taste might not be perfect, these choices still exist.

In many supermarkets, you will as well have incredible salad bars with lots of possibilities.

I agree, it can sometimes take a bit more time to get your hands on a raw lunch but your options are usually still there.

Eating out is not an excuse to throw your good resolustions out the window... You know that, right?

If you are a lot on the road for work, make yourself a couple bottles of fresh green or fruit smoothies.

If you ad whole flour to the smoothie, your calorie intake is higher and it is all you might need for lunch.

I'll write another article about extra options for when you are on the road...