Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strategies you can easily maintain on the long term - TIP - WEIGHT LOSS

Another key idea to succeed with your weight loss approaches.

The strategies you implement must be easy to maintain on the long term!

If the approaches you chose require too much will power and discipline, you will tend to drop them after a few months.

Instead, you need to focus on fun and take tiny steps at a time that you can REALLY embrace.

Here are some examples:

Instead of deciding to jogg every day for an hour, decide to start with 30 min jogs twice a week.

Instead of not eating meals in the evening, decide to eat lighter raw based meals.

Instead of having just a yoghurt for lunch and feeling like you starve for the rest of the day, have a light salad + a few snacks spread during the day.

Be gentle with your body.

You don't have to force yourself within some form of super rigid discipline.

Make sure that whatever change you make can easily be maintained on the long term without major effort.

To your unlimited vitality!