Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Supplements or not? - TIP - WEIGHT LOSS

95% of what your body needs should come from the fresh products you buy.

If your diet is already super healthy and you feel you still need a small boost here and there, using some supplements won't hurt you.

But look at the proportion of 95% food / 5% supplements you must keep in mind.

The absolute top priority is to have a super healthy diet, it is not to get a new set of pills in your system, ok?


Because any supplement is highly processed.

When preparing them, they often extract one core ingredient out of the product but forget about all the rest.

An "apple extract" won't feed you like a real apple! You know that of course.

But all this marketing hype might make you forget this.

Remember this simple rule:

At least 95% of what your body needs must come from fresh products, not pills!

To your power!