Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why suppression strategies don't work! - TIP - WEIGHT LOSS

This is probably THE most important piece of information you will get on weight loss strategies.

If you base your approach on trying to suppress your hunger feelings, you are doomed!

This is NOT the way to go!

So, what are these suppression strategies?

  • Skipping meals
  • Having a yoghurt for lunch
  • Starving yourself with endless calorie counting
  • Eating pills instead of food
  • Etc.

If you feel hungry any time during the day, consider that you are already using a suppression strategy.

You don't have to feel hungry to lose weight!

Probably 90% of those who want to lose weight will use a suppression technique, get some results and then fall back in their old patterns.

They will usually regain whatever they lost within a few weeks or months?


Because they don't manage to maintain the suppression strategy on the long term.

Suppression strategies use LOTS of will power + They are usually not fun at all!

They make you feel like a disempowered victim who is being punished.

So, what's the alternative?

Eat when you are hungry BUT do choose carefully what you eat: lots of greens and vegetables + healthy snacks like pieces of fruit.

Next time your body sends you hunger signals, don't try to suppress them!

Listen instead!