Friday, July 24, 2009

Will power can keep you going for a few months but usually not much longer - TIP - WEIGHT LOSS

I already mentioned that a few times but I will say it again because it is THE core key to long term results.

Applying the right strategy means that the changes you make will be:
  • 90% effortless + FUN
  • 10% will power and discipline.
Most people who start on a new training routine or nutrition habit want to do too much too soon.

In fact in their scale, the proportions I mention above will be reversed. It will usually look like 90% will power and 10% fun.

They burn out their will power and determination within a few months because the changes they try to make require too much will power.

Take easier steps and have fun with them.

This is what gives you the power to maintain a new habit on the long term.