Friday, January 8, 2010

10 causes of chronic fatigue and how to tackle them - ARTICLE

Chronic fatigue can be a sickness.

Now, in most cases, I do believe that feeling tired is simply related with poor life style choices.

Here are some top causes which can lead you to being low on energy:

  • Too much weight

Carrying an extra 5 to 10 kilos in extra weight all the time can be the simple cause to you feeling tired. If it is the case, you know what to do next, right?

  • Lack of exercise

Exercising brings a fresh flow of energy into your body. It will give you the boost of energy you are looking for.

  • Too much exercise – Overtraining

The exact opposite to the previous point. Too much enthusiasm. You over train giving your body little time to rest.

  • Poor diet

You simply don’t give you body what it needs. You miss healthy snacks or breakfast. When you eat, you go for poor energy food.

  • Vitamins or minerals deficiency

It’s okay to give your body a boost with some extra multivitamin. It is a bit cheating but with the very artificial and modern life style you live in, this emergency short cut will give your body what it needs.

  • Draining people

A colleague who needs ongoing emotional support can request more energy than you can give. Learn to say no!

  • Boring daily activities

This can concern your job or simply what you do at home. Boring tasks call for energy levels. If you want more energy, focus on what thrills you.

  • High stress

Too many demands and pressures can drain your energy by not allowing you to rest. One strategy! Simplify your life!

  • Lack of sleep/rest

You need your 8 hours sleep or rest. If you don’t get them, shift your day rhythm and go to be earlier.

  • Biological cycle/menstruation for women

This one can explain periodical drops of energy and mood swings.