Friday, January 8, 2010

80% of what is sold in supermarkets is bad for you - ARTICLE

Walk into a supermarket and simply check the products.

80% of what is sold is bad for you!

This is not a joke!

80% of what you find in supermarkets is simply junk!

Sugar filled lines of cookies!

Addictive chips and other junk snacks!

Lines and lines of bottled calories filled soft drinks!

Ready made frozen meals!

Tined! Heavily processed! Fat! Frozen!

This is only a small sample.

What is left? What is good?

Greens and vegetables

Fresh and dried fruit



Now, very little effort is put into marketing these delicious red lentils!

While the big billboards give you endless discounts on the pure addictive salt filled potato chips!

And there is not just one type of them!

Dozens of brands with the most exciting names!

It is all a set up!

That’s the power of blind marketing.

The companies who make these products don’t care about your health.

They don’t care about what these chips do to you.

All they want is to sell them to you and make money!

This is why you might be a victim of all this hype!

This is why after 20 years of simply grabbing what is there, you end up with 30 unwanted pounds.

The environment you live in simply strongly stimulates unhealthy overeating.