Friday, January 8, 2010

How to get back in shape - What the “get-slim-fast” diet makers don’t want you to know - ARTICLE

What happened?

Imagine this situation:

You are in your 40’s

You used to train, exercise and even compete in sports when you were a teenager.

Down the line, your career needs forced you to give up any form of exercise.

Add to this family life, comfort and big meals and you are now 20 or 30 pounds too heavy.

You know you don’t like it!

You know it is bad for your health!

You know as well that if there was a simple and easy way to get back in shape you would take it, right?

In your mind, loosing weight means sacrifice, cravings, suppression, lots of effort, time, energy and money.

This is why you resist even getting started with it.

What I want to give you is a winning mind set.

I want to help you change these beliefs because they are simply wrong and disempowering for you on the long term.


In a way it’s not your fault

Walk into a supermarket and simply check the products.

80% of what is sold is bad for you!

This is not a joke!

80% of what you find in supermarkets is simply junk!

Sugar filled lines of cookies!

Addictive chips and other junk snacks!

Lines and lines of bottled calories filled soft drinks!

Ready made frozen meals!

Tined! Heavily processed! Fat! Frozen!

This is only a small sample.

What is left? What is good?

Greens and vegetables

Fresh and dried fruit



Now, very little effort is put into marketing these delicious red lentils!

While the big billboards give you endless discounts on the pure addictive salt filled potato chips!

And there is not just one type of them!

Dozens of brands with the most exciting names!

It is all a set up!

That’s the power of blind marketing.

The companies who make these products don’t care about your health.

They don’t care about what these chips do to you.

All they want is to sell them to you and make money!

This is why you might be a victim of all this hype!

This is why after 20 years of simply grabbing what is there, you end up with 30 unwanted pounds.

The environment you live in simply strongly stimulates unhealthy overeating.


Until you wake up!

It might be an alarming trip to the doctor who tells you about your cholesterol levels.

It might be a sudden frightening chest pain.

Or it might be this simple realization that walking up 10 steps should definitely not put you out of breath.

Waking up is good!

From being in the victim role, you actually decide to take action.

“I am sick of it!”


The next challenge

Once you decide to shift habits and lose some weight, you are faced with the same challenge.

Everyone knows it: 80% of weight loss processed products and diets don’t work.

Yes! They work for while!

Yes! You might see some temporary results.

Unfortunately, for 80% of those who try them, the results do not last!

It is dramatic because here you are, taking the right decisions, asking for some help and guidance with this and bam! You are smashed with the same type of marketing hype about weight loss products.

I’ll be very direct!

The manufacturers of these products have no interest in you winning the weight loss battle.

On the long term, the only reason they get rich is because people tend to get heavier every day!

The makers of these weight loss products are in business!

Sure, they might have some good underlying intention originally but somewhere down the line, this simple desire to have a positive impact is overtaken by the greedy need for money.

I know this is not a nice picture, but if you want to succeed, you need to wake up!


If “get slim” products don’t work, what does?

Well, you can imagine that I didn’t bring you all the way here to tell you that there is no solution.

There is a solution!

The solution is to establish healthy life style habits that you can easily maintain on the long term.

The reason why “Get slim” diets don’t work is because they are like a marathon.

They force you to suppress cravings and they can’t be maintained on the long term.

It’s clear that you don’t want to live on pink powder, right?

There are two direct and simple aspects to get back in shape:

· The first one is to move your body more, train and exercise.

· The second one is to change what you eat and the way you eat.

It is simple!

Now we are going to add some essential ingredients to this recipe.