Friday, January 8, 2010

Once you decide to get back in shape, this is your next challenge - ARTICLE

Once you decide to shift habits and lose some weight, you are faced with the same challenge.

Everyone knows it: 80% of weight loss processed products and diets don’t work.

Yes! They work for while!

Yes! You might see some temporary results.

Unfortunately, for 80% of those who try them, the results do not last!

It is dramatic because here you are, taking the right decisions, asking for some help and guidance with this and bam! You are smashed with the same type of marketing hype about weight loss products.

I’ll be very direct!

The manufacturers of these products have no interest in you winning the weight loss battle.

On the long term, the only reason they get rich is because people tend to get heavier every day!

The makers of these weight loss products are in business!

Sure, they might have some good underlying intention originally but somewhere down the line, this simple desire to have a positive impact is overtaken by the greedy need for money.

I know this is not a nice picture, but if you want to succeed, you need to wake up!