Friday, February 26, 2010

How to tackle chocolate cravings - TIP

I believe there are two key ingredients you crave for when you eat chocolate:
  • Sugar
  • Stimulants
The key is to GET those ingredients from other sources.

So here are the strategies:
  • Eat a piece of fruit like a banana or some dried fruit like sultanas - This tackles the sugar craving.
  • Eat some raw cacao beans - This tackles the stimulant side and gives you the stimulant kick in its raw form.
Extra strategies include:
  • Always carry some dried fruit in your pocket when you leave your house. You can even ad some raw cacao nibs + cashews to your mix. This will ad some healthy fat, carbs and stimulants to your mix.
  • Get rid of the chocolate which is in your kitchen.
  • Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach!