Thursday, June 10, 2010

Both Chinese medicine and Ayurveda recommend some cooked food - What's your position on that? - TIP

Yes, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda recommend some cooked food...

What's my position on that?

My experience tells me otherwise.

I FEEL healthier and higher on energy on a purely raw diet. The more I practice it. The better I feel. It has been 3 years now.

This means that you have a vast diversity of possible diets and testing them yourself will tell you what works best for you.

I don't see anything that is said in any tradition as an absolute truth.

I see it as guidelines.

And yes, I am totally open to the idea that I don't have all the answers and that there is something in Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine that I could incorporate in my diet.

I am testing and experimenting every day on myself to see EXACTLY what works best for me.

I tested this specific point for the first 1 year of going raw.

I was probably 75% raw during that period still having some cooked foods like steamed veges.

I then shifted to 99% raw and I feel higher in energy now.

I feel healthier, closer to where I want to be

I feel that both my nutrition and fitness levels are now at 95% of my potential.

And yes, I agree that there is still space for some fine tuning. I am always open to test new ideas ;)