Saturday, July 31, 2010

You can easily put on 4 pounds with just one night of excesses - TIP

Yes, I know... These are stunning facts.

The thing is that you could be applying all your positive nutrition and training strategies and have a great week

Then comes an evening dinner with friends and you totally lose your week's efforts.

These are the social occasions you have to keep in check and be careful with:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Holidays with friends
  • Restaurant night outs
  • Watching the game with some friends on TV
  • An afternoon shopping in town
  • Travelling or flying somewhere
  • Etc.

These are high risk situations were you will usually be tempted with empty food or overeating way more than usual.

You will be tempted with junk food or very high calorie/poorly nutritious dishes.

That's unless you are surrounded by a very conscious community.

So, what are the strategies to tackle that?

  • Watch out for these events and see the challenges coming.
  • Eat your healthy meal BEFORE you go so that you aren't tempted once at the event.
  • Enjoy the event but simply use moderation.
  • If you are invited to contribute with a dish or if you are setting up the event yourself, create healthy options like salads, fruit salads or a raw desert.
  • Always have healthy alternatives with you for instance some fruit when you travel or go to town.
  • Etc.
Recovering or "compensating" after the event can be VERY frustrating because it might take you a whole week to go back to the place you were before the event.

The thing is that when you are warned, you already have half the solution.

There is more to say on this topic and I'll come back soon with extra tips...