Monday, November 22, 2010


So far 3 core challenges can be felt for these original fasting strategies. This is after only one day of testing and a few things come up already.

The first one: energy drop

not eating my normal diet when I feel like my body calls for energy gives me a GAO within the next few hours to 24 hours.

This morning, 24 hours after starting with these light smoothies, I already feel an energy drop. It's not much yet, like being at 80% rather than 100% but I definitely see it affecting my level of energy and motivation in my morning routine.

Challenge 2 - overating after a few light fasting hours.

I already observed that last night as well with a bigger evening snack + tendency to go for a bit of cheese rather than just a normal snack.

Challenge 3 - choosing the right time of the day to have light smoothies...

That's not a real string challenge but simply something to consider...


2 more essential points to consider...

Being at 20% hunger level is managable - the desire or need to eat is totally sustainable for a few hours. That's ok.

The main challenge again is an energy drop rather than hunger feelings.