Thursday, November 25, 2010

6 days into the light smoothies strategies - NOTE

6 days after starting I am doing well.

I started making the smoothies slightly thicker than when I started.

Overall my calorie intake has probably dropped by 50% in the morning from maybe around 800 calories to 200-400 not exactly sure.

I do however notice a solid shift in my energy body.

When my stomach is close to empty and stays above the crisis point, that's when my highest levet of energy and lightness kicks in.

So, that's the exact zone I want to be in right now.

This means giving my body just enough calories not to enter in crisis mode buy not too many so that I don't enter into digestive mode.

For instance, right now, I am into digestive mode.

My lunch energy mix was slightly too consistent so, I feel fuller than I should be.

The goal now is to play with that optimized zone.

I didn't lose muscle mass in the last week but might have lost 2 to 4 pounds in the process.

I feel thinner on the waist line and find it way easier to train and move my body.

This means that my level of motivation to train is way higher and it's more enjoyable when I move.

Remember as well that I am already fit.

I am already in good shape and I don't need to lose weight or build up muscle.

The test I am running now have to do with optimizing my energy level and calorie intake.

I am doing that without using suppressing tactics.

+ I want that the strategies I implement stay there long term or evolve to even more perfected levels

It's working so far and the feelings in my body and mind have been way clearer and lighter over the last 3 days.

The first 2 days of testing techniques + calorie intake were really about finding and staying above the crisis point.

The last 3 days have been about grounding the technique and it is now getting stable.

We have been conditioned for such a long time to overeat that this is what most people do.

Even if it's slightly overeating, you might still give your body too much which overloads the digestive process.

So there is a crisis zone by excess = what happens when you overeat and your body's energy level drops because of that

Then there is a crisis zone by gap = what happens when you don't eat enough and your body starts draining its reserves

What you want is to identify that optimized zone between those two crisis levels (above and under) and practice being there by optimizing the amount of calories you eat and how you eat them.

What I have been doing in the morning is that I am continuously drinking from my light smoothies - around 5 glasses in a period of 3 hours.

What's next?

probably strengthen that strategy until it is 100% stable.

+ eventually start developing a new strategy?

I feel that it's far too early to test something else as my body and mind are still getting used to this new practice.

Even while I talk about it, I feel my energy shifting.

My emotional associations, images, beliefs, feelings around food are shifting while I implement these new patterns.

This is a profound transforming process that I really enjoy so far.

Only faced a couple of changes the first 2 days because of crossing the lower crisis point.

Now, for the last 2 hours I crossed the upper crisis point (slightly too many calories).

Eating slightly too much does not have the same type of emotional impact as eating way too less.

Right now, my emotions are stable, I simply feel slightly too full.