Thursday, November 4, 2010

Body focus and what happened over the last couple of weeks - NOTE

In the last couple of weeks, relaxing a bit with diet which means more cliff bars, more nights out at parties, a bit more cooked food and some apple juice for drinking...

This added with less sleep and going to bed at 1-5 am a few times + training less means that my body's energy is slightly down.

Not much - I am still high but can see how these slight life style changes impact on my body.

Quite different from the 2 weeks before that where I maintained more diet discipline and morning energy practices.

In the time I trained with 3 hours/day for 7 days, my energy was higher too.

What is interesting is that during that period, I didn't have smoothies but fruit and salads instead (no blender).

I had as well raw pies that I prepared and did maintain during that time a high level of energy.

During that time, I had as well some meat and cheese but my energy level stayed high.

I have the feeling that what REALLY impacts on my energy level now is lack of sleep or irregular sleeping time + more cooked food than usual + more energy bars + more apple juice which is pasteurized.

It makes total sense and it is absolutely logical that my body'e energy went slightly down.

Now, I totally feel that within a couple of days, I can be back at 90% rather than the 80% I am at now.

i simply need to rest, train and refocus my diet.

Right now, I am still probably at 80-90% raw, so that's ok of course.

PS: I am now probably 2 weeks after I finished the 7 days intensity training period