Monday, November 22, 2010

Find the crisis edge and stay right above it - NOTE

Today, third day into these fasting experiments...

I noticed over the week end that in the second day, my energy level dropped quite a bit.

I could still jog and train but my level of energy was way lower.

Another element is the fact that is was emotionally very sensitive with emotions coming through.

I am looking at a system of moderation where the line is not crossed.

I believe that lots of fasting techniques used are very suppressive.

What I am experimenting with is more some form of optimization.

In other terms, it's very progressive and totally sustainable long term.

I am not trying to fast intensely for a week and then go back to my past way of eating.

I am looking at long term eating patterns that really work and are easy to sustain long term.

So, the present experiment is simply lower calorie intake a bit on average and see what happens...

I want to see if my body adapts and kicks into higher level of energy and clarity.

That's a path I experimented with frequently in the past but I usually did hit a crisis point where my energy, body and emotions were thrown out of balance.

So, my goal is to test and see if this light fasting approach is something that is sustainable + really works in optimizing vitality, energy, mind and life in general.

I want to see if my body can lower calorie intake by 80% without physical energy loss and major weight loss.

Why do I call this fasting? because that's the best word so far.

Any form of conscious lowering of calorie intake is a a form of fasting.

I could as well call it low calorie raw diet. It doesn't really matter what I call it at this stage.

I am more focused on the process right now and understanding how my body responds to the steps I take.

This is a 90% experimental approach.

My goal is truly to observe how my body and mind respond to these approaches.

I have to say too that I just finished now a 3 year experimentation with raw food approaches.

I am now 95-100% raw.

I relax a bit with my raw diet when I travel and in social situations but basically, I feel like these strategies work for me already, are long term and are totally sustainable.

With my raw diet, I don't feel energy loss, on the contrary, my body is higher and more optimized in terms of energy levels today than it has ever been before.

I am as well probably 95% animal product free. Again, I might occasionally have some animal based product when in social situations or travelling.

I consciously decide NOT to be 100% fanatical about it so that I don't alienate myself or my social circle.


Now, back to finding the exact crisis edge and staying right above it.

What do I mean by crisis edge?

I mean that when you stop eating and solid hunger signals kick it, my energy level might drop in in the following hours.

At this exact moment, when my body crosses the crisis edge, I feel as well like a turbulent flow of energy.

It's like a state of emergency or survival mode in which priorities are shifted.

I am sure that this crisis edge is related with a very specific biochemical reaction in my body and brain.

In other terms, the body or brain probably starts secreting a specific molecule or protein that triggers this emotional and internal state.

So, my goal is to stay right above that state.

I don't want to cross the line because I don't want to put my body in a state of crisis.

I want to maintain a healthy and high flow of energy inside of me.