Monday, November 22, 2010

Possible strategies to lower calorie intake - FASTING STRATEGIES

here are a few options:
  • More energy training to power up the energy body
  • Portion control
  • Skip meals
  • Limiting intake of certain ingredients even if they are healthy ones
  • Fasting strategies
  • New emotional associations connected with empty stomach
  • Superfoods
  • Intensify physical training
  • Always stop eating when 80% full
  • Intensify mantra and invocation work
  • Very light smoothies!
  • Check fermenting vegetables?
  • Intense meditation focus and activation
  • Etc.
Right now, many of these strategies are suppression tactics. Portion control, fasting, skipping meals, etc are all suppression tactics.

I believe there is another way to go, deeper, easier to maintain long term, fun, easy to access, requires smaller steps.

As with raw food strategies, I truly believe that there is an ideal approach that fits my needs and state of mind.

With raw food, I could have been too brutal and create strong emotional unbalance.

Instead, I went step by step in a very logical and conscious way.

It worked! My raw diet and body are now optimized at 95%.

There is still more possible fine tuning to do of course, but basically the target of being 95-100|% raw has been reached.


Something else which is essential is to transform the nutritional sources in the body.

If the nutrition is not provided through physical food, then it has to come from the energy body.

This means that the way cells, organs and my whole body function right now, has to progressively shift and develop new skills.

You have lots of examples in the animal and plant kingdom of the processes we talk about here and my guess is that the human has these abilities too.

They are simply under used or under developed because the digestion of physical food takes most of the energy, focus and attention in our bodies right now.