Monday, November 22, 2010

Replace certain meals or snacks by VERY light smoothies - FASTING STRATEGIES

That's the very natural trend that seems to emerge now...

That's the strategy I am testing today.

by noon today and after 3 hours of drinking the light spinach smoothie, I start feeling the energy impact of not having eaten yet.

My body and mind start to respond. I feel something is either out of balance or my mind is creating something.

The hunger level is easily sustainable but I start feeling an energy reaction.

It's as if my body instinctual nature is starting to react.

I feel an etheric impact right now.

Like a fire, a waking up of energies which right now, appear slightly disorganized.

I would call this touching on the crisis state.

My body is now entering in some form of crisis, emergency, alertedness, survival mode.

The shift is very clear and started happening about 10 minutes ago.

It happened right after 3 hours of being up and awake on light spinach smoothies...