Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tendency to overdo it? - Light smoothies - NOTE

Something else I observe is that when noon comes and it is time to have my lunch, a part of me feels like stretching the strategy further and stay on a light smoothie diet longer.

I feel this would be a mistake because my body and mind are already being transformed by this new eating pattern.

I don't need to speed it up, suppress or use will power.

The strategy I use now is easy flowing.

It doesn't stress my body or lowers my energy level, on the contrary. I feel higher today!

Now, if I would stretch it for another few hours, I feel my body entering into a crisis mode.


Because it hasn't fully grounded that type of diet yet!

It's integrating a new digestive flow.

New emotional associations are being built right now in my brain.

It's all a very profound transformational process and it's ESSENTIAL not to overdo it.