Friday, December 3, 2010

[LAST CHANCE] NEW YEAR'S POWER BOOST! - 3 Months UNLIMITED COACHING - $299 - 5 spots - Till Fri Dec 3rd

Here it is again, in case you missed it...


Whaou! The new year is coming and with it the inspiration to
change, do better, evolve, be more successful or master a key
aspect of your life!

The recent "Unlimited coaching" packages I offered got a
fantastic response... So here is a new one, fresh from the
coaching labs!

I want to give you unlimited coaching for 3 months for $299.

Why 3 months? Because for specific key life targets, that's often
the time target you want...

Here are some examples of the targets I can help you with:

- Go on at least 5 interesting dates in the coming month
- Rebuild your power base after a tough break up or divorce
- Hit the gym and get back in shape!
- Easily shift to a raw food diet
- Double your sales in your business
- Multiply your professional productivity
- Unleash new meaning and purpose for your life
- And much more...

In fact, you don't even need a specific target to get started...
You can as well keep it totally open and get my support, feed
back, energy, refreshing ideas, safe sharing space any time you
want them!


I have 5 spots for that one and as with previous offers they will
be gone FAST!

Once you sign up, you can use phone, skype, email and more + Get
your answers within 24 hours! + You can contact me 24 hours/day -
7 days/week.

To sign up:

To your vibrant power and unlimited potential!

Look forward to connect!


PS: This offer is valid till Fri Dec 3rd 2010, Artisans, 6, Crans, 1299, Switzerland

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