Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tapping into new energy sources when lowering calorie intake - NOTE

This is what I am testing right now.

When I slightly lower calories intake, there is a slight energy or power gap because less carbs or calories come in.

Now, what I am testing right now is reframing my mind set and trying to break through that energy barrier.

In other terms, if I am just on the edge with slightly lower energy level, I try to push my body a bit further...

More will power, more focus, more fire, more determination.

I want to feel if an alternate energy source kicks in, like an emergency or survival resource.

You know that when you reach a point when you feel really tired after training and you believe that you have nearly exhausted your available energy, in fact you are only half way.

This means that you your mind sends the signal that this is it... That you are running out of energy... When in fact you are only half way.

Part of it is training of course, this means that the body needs to be ready to run on a certain level of energy for a given period of time.

The next thing which is interesting is that you take a body who can hardly jog for 15 min and you can train that body to run a marathon within a period of a few months.

Even if it takes one year of training, the fact that a given body can transform to perform hundred times better in a given physical challenge means that we can use our bodies in many VERY different ways.