Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don’t skip meals! - ARTICLE

Skipping meals is just one example.

It is a suppressive strategy that so many people try to use all the time!

The thing is that it totally fails as a weight loss approach.

Let’s dive into the inner dynamics you trigger in you when you decide to skip a meal.

Here is what goes on:

“I know I am starting to get hungry now but I think I can last till dinner time without eating”.

“If I don’t eat now, it will save me from taking in an extra 500 calories and I will get slimmer”

This happens around noon.

If you didn’t eat anything since breakfast, by 2 pm your body is usually in a state of energy crisis.

You start feeling irritable and now really hungry.

You still try to hold on to your decision of not eating till 6 pm.

By 4 pm you are so hungry that you rush to the vending machine and get a snack.

You think: “Not a big deal if I slip now… It’s only a snack, not much calories in that one”

By 5 pm you leave the office and are still really starving.

You rush to have a coffee with some friends and respond to the temptation to have this blueberry muffin with your cappuccino decaf!

By now, you already took in the calories you thought you would save by not having lunch.

The thing is that your body is still in a state of crisis.

The nutrition you gave yourself since breakfast is very poor!

Nothing healthy there!

High calories! No nutritious value!

You get home still in a state of crisis!

So far, today, your body did NOT get any of what it needed!

You know that!

You can feel it!

At dinner, you end up having two large servings because your body is trying to compensate and is now shouting loud internal hunger signals!

Do you recognize this?

Of course you can see it doesn’t work long term!

So why do people do it?

Because it’s an instinctual reflex.

You believe you are being a good person by not eating at lunch.

You also don’t see another smarter way to reach your weight loss targets.

That’s your best shot at achieving the results you want.

The thing is that this best shot is not good enough!

By far!!!

What’s the alternative?

Have a healthy lunch!

When you are hungry, eat!

Always have healthy options with you!

Are there any healthy options when you want to have lunch?

Of course there are!

Even if all you have is a fast food place, nowadays you ALWAYS have salads in there!

You can have a salad with a bit of dressing.

What’s healthier? A Big Mac with fries and coke or a salad with some water?

That’s an easy one, right?

What about that one?

What’s healthier? A fast food salad or trying to suppress your hunger till 6 pm?

Think about this carefully because I believe the key to long term successful weight loss is right there, in the way you choose between those two.

Now, you might say:

“I am done with fast food salads anyway!”

That’s great! I applaud you for your choice!

So, what are the alternatives if you know you must eat lunch?

Here are some ideas:

  • Bring some lunch from home.
  • Find a whole foods with a salad bar.
  • Find other healthy alternatives.

Now, realize this!

90% of what you will find when you are trying to rush for some lunch are not good enough!

Most of the meals you can quickly and easily grab have poor nutritious value and are too heavy to have for lunch.

It takes planning and understanding to get it right.

But that’s for later.

The first step here is to understand that the skipping meals approach is a waste of your time and energy, and usually triggers the opposite outcome!