Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How empty is your stomach? - NOTE

Another key topic I covered before:

How much time before training did you eat.

I already said that I feel that if you eat a small meal less than 3 hours before training, the impact on your level of energy while training is huge!

In other terms, an empty stomach and at least 3 hours between last meal and beginning of training is ideal.

Right now, I am even experimenting with more time than that, 4 hours or more.

Again, the level of fun and training optimization strongly drops if you have a small meal less that 3 hours before training.

the most I will have for snacks in these 3 hours before training will be a small piece of fruits or a few dried raisins.

More than that and my body feels it.

Within the last 2 months, I am stunned again about how small variations impact on the way you feel during training.

What strikes me as well is that most people are not aware of this or don't fine tune that element.

They will eat without being too precise about the timing in relation with training.

They will say things like: I feel in good shape today or I feel tired today when in fact, these feelings could directly related with when they had their last meal.