Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weight drop from 70-73 kg to 68-71 kg - NOTE

Since last year, that's the change I observed.

It's not a big difference and I feel way lighter when I am in this new 69-71 kg zone.

I had some jogging experiences where the exhilarating feeling of running without effort was totally taking me.

So, it feels really good fro my body.

How did I drop?

I tend to eat smaller meals now, have less healthy fats like avocado, olive oils or nuts.

I train very regularly.

I make less excesses in the week ends (When I say excesses, I mean having a slightly bigger portion one day when eating with friends for instance)

I come back from a trip to india during which I experimented with light fast and low daily calorie intake. I did that in some of my treks.

Also the intense heat in that trips cuts your appetite and you want to drink more and lose whatever fat you have left.

I tend as well to stay judge on the hunger edge zone for longer... For instance I might observe light hunger feelings for an hour before eating.

I do that because I start discovering the intense pleasure of feeling a bit hungry. I feel a lightness on my mind and the feeling can be exhilarating.

I want to test this a bit further...