Monday, October 24, 2011

Juices for breakfast - NOTE

So, this combination is having fantastic effects!

the green juices feel like a high energy flow in my whole being.

why do they score higher than smoothies?

because the starch content in the form of flour and bananas has been replaced with juice from all these greens.

In other terms, the micro nutrient and enzyme content is probably 5 to 10 x higher in the juice.

Instead of having a 1/4 cucumber, i have a whole cucumber

Instead of a couple celeri sticks, I have 2 bunches, etc.

+ the smoothie is usually mixed with half water.

So, this is the conclusion... That the enzyme and micronutrients concentration in these juices is way higher.

on top of that, because they are lighter and contain no starch, It is very easy to drink a liter of liquid.

All the vitamins and nutrients are mixed with the naturally occurring other nutrients that are found in nature.

This means that a given vitamin is not extracted and separated from the other vitamins, proteins and enzymes.

Everything that is needed for these micronutrients to be integrated by the body are right there!

This is why I believe this feel like such a boost of energy!!!


Juices is all I have been having till lunch time for the last 10 days!

It's powerful, feels totally sustainable, cleansing, energizing!

Love it!