Monday, October 24, 2011

Maca and spirulina! Strong taste! Ideas? - NOTE

Spirulina and maca have both a very strong taste.

In the past I used as well hemp protein which I think has quite strong taste too.

What I mean by that is that if you ad one big table spoon of each to the mix, the taste is so strong and maybe bitter, it's difficult to eat.

the natural solution I went for is to still use these ingredients but in smaller quantities.

I ad as well lemon juice on top of the mix + grapes + bananas + berries which creates a whole new set of flavors.

this combination of superfood mix with fruit works well for me.

A small bowl, 3 big table spoons of superfood mix together with these berries creates a small lunch meal that is super filling and gives me enough energy for 3-5 hours.


So, what about the taste?

Looking for some new ideas there...

Is there an ingredient or spice that I can ad to maca, spirulina or hemp protein that creates a new range of yummy flavors? ideas?

It works for me but for other