Monday, October 24, 2011

Superfood mix for lunch - NOTE

I am now experimenting with fine tuning different aspects of my diet.

here is what I am trying:

green juices and red juices till noon

super food energy mix for lunch

in the super food mix:

  • chia seeds I have previously soaked
  • soaked nuts mix
  • maca
  • spirulina
  • goji berries
  • cacao powder
  • mesquite
  • dried raisins
  • ginger
  • lemon

What happens when I eat this mix?

I feel like my body and mind start spinning with energy.

It's powerful and a fantastic feeling.

At this stage, I don't know if it's one ingredient or a mix of them which creates the high.

The things is that it really works.

I made energy mixes before but none of them gave me such a high.

My energy level was just normal after eating.

These other mixes were mix of soaked nuts, cabbage, lemon, ginger, dried raisins, salt, goji berries etc.

The new ingredients are: mesquite, maca, spirulina, chia + a big table spoon of cacao.

The energy kick is almost instant.

So... Questions!!!

Are one of these ingredients specifically creating that kick?

Is that feeling related with a specific stimulant substance contained in one of these?

I can definitely tell that simply drinking soaked Chia seeds by itself did not give me such a kick.

I had cacao deserts in the past and again, no such kick.

Goji berries by themselves or in other mixes and didn't experience that either.

It could well be that it's a couple or a whole combination of these ingredients that creates this result.

I feel I am definitely into something!

What's impressive is that the volume of food needed is quite small.

Around 4 table spoons with 1/2 banana + grapes!

It's VERY filling!

I like this a lot!!!

It feels like very highly concentrated energy!!!

My whole body and mind enter into some form of trance which is like an excited or stimulated type of energy state.

It's a VERY specific feeling and it does feel great!